Funerals at St. James

On behalf of the priests and people of the Parish, we extend to you and your family our deepest sympathy over your loss. If you are planning to have a Funeral Liturgy at St. James Parish, the following informational and planning material may be helpful:

St. James Parish Funeral Liturgy Readings
Funeral Mass Request Form
Funeral Music Selection Form

The letter from the Pastor in the St. James Parish Funeral Liturgy booklet explains the policies and practices of the Parish and how we celebrate the Funeral Liturgy here at Saint James. Note that customs and policies vary from parish to parish, or from Diocese to Diocese; so please review the material provided here.

Please bear in mind that the Catholic Funeral Mass is part of the official worship of the Church as a whole and follows certain basic guidelines with regard to its celebration. For example, no secular music of any kind can be used during the Mass. The Wake is the proper environment for favorite songs or poems, etc.

It may also be a good idea that the family designate one person to handle contact with the Rectory, either directly or through the Funeral Director. Experience has shown that confusion easily results in¬†several people involved without each other’s knowledge.

The priests of Saint James Parish visit the Wake in the afternoon as a general rule and will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your loved one’s Funeral.