Liturgical Ministries

There are many opportunities to participate in Liturgical Ministries at St. James, including:

Eucharistic Ministers

Requirements include a diocesan training session and Virtus training for new ministers.

Extraordinary Ministers at Masses – Assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at daily and weekend Masses. These ministers serve one or two Sundays every other month.

Hospital and Home bound Ministry – This Ministry includes bringing Holy Communion to people who are in hospitals and home bound. Requirements include a diocesan training session and Virtus training for ne1w ministers.

Contact Father Mariusz at the Parish Center 516-731-3710

Ministry of Consolation

This ministry helps to serve the St. James Community when someone dies, by assisting the bereaved family in planning the funeral mass as well as afterward.

Contact: Parish Center 516-731-3710

Ministers for Weekday and Funeral Masses

This ministry prepares and sets out everything needed for the 8:00 am and 12:10 pm masses, for weekdays Monday through Saturday as well as funeral masses when scheduled. Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Altar Servers are also part of this ministry and serve during these masses. After mass, sacristans are in charge of washing the chalice, paten, cruets and any ciborium that were used.

Contact: JudyAnn Johnston 516-796-3750


The Lector ministry is comprised of faith-filled people who are inspired by God’s word and hope to inspire others by proclaiming it. Lectors are prayerful and meet God in Sacred Scripture. The Lector is comfortable in the roles of public speaker and the Church’s minister. The Lector does not make God’s word his own performance; rather, he allows God to speak to His people through him. Lectors are typically paired with a partner and are called to proclaim the Word once every three to four weeks, as well as Holy Days and other special occasions. If you feel that you are being invited by the Lord to proclaim His Word in a more active way, please contact the Leader of Lectors indicated on the contact list.

Contact: Deacon Rick Brunner,, Parish Center 516-731-3710


The Ushers assist at each mass by greeting and seating parishioners, collecting the monetary offering, and distributing bulletins. They also choose parishioners to bring up the gifts at the Offertory. Ushers are expected to commit to serve at one mass per week.

Contact: Parish Center 516-731-3710

Altar Servers

The altar server ministry is open to boys and girls in the 4th grade and older; it is not limited to just school aged children! We welcome high school and college aged young adults as well. By assisting the presiding priest, this ministry allows the altar servers to participate in the mystery of the Holy Mass in a unique way. Altar servers should be regular attendants at Mass and understand the flow and structure of the Mass and typically asked to serve at one Mass per week. Training is provided. Interested young people should have their parents contact individual on contact list.

Contact: Father Mariusz at the Parish Center 516-731-3710

Church Environment and Art

Preparing the sanctuary and church for the major liturgical times of the year with appropriate decorations, banners and flowers. Members are responsible for setting up, taking down, and watering the flowers under the guidance of the Environment Chair People.

Contact: Eileen & Richard Tucci 516-579-6033